¿Cómo Se Dice Gravy? by Huda Al-Marashi

Rape? by Michele Markarian

The Birds by Joanne Arledge

Late by Dr. Karen B. Golightly

Close The Door On The World, Open The Door To Self by SuzAnne C. Cole

Advice for Living in Your Hometown as a Woman by Lori White

Hump by Diane Raptosh

Sugar Ants, November 1956 by Donna D. Vitucci

A Warm Place by Cassie Premo Steele

Islands by Melissa Reeser Poulin

Once in a Lifetime by Terri Elders

Easily by Natalie Wendt

Ebony has many shades by Mira Desai

Moving Between Time Zones or: A Word of Wisdom by Catherine Boebel Grotenhuis

The Orange Sea Shell by Alison Turner

Gone by Kate Geiselman

Lookout by Lori Brack

Book Boxes by Emily Rosenbaum

Fulfilled by Erica McBeth

Old Delhi, New Tricks by Farah Ghuznavi

A Woman’s Place by Joanna Beth Tweedy

Stick to the Script by Noemi Martinez

A Place of My Own by Susan Amlung

A Popular Passport by Avra Kouffman

Pasayten Wilderness by Adrienne Ross Scanlan

Living Easy by Aline Soules

Reverie for The Girl at Gabes Bar by Tania Pryputniewicz

Spanish Flies by Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro